Blue International

Blue International

Blue international It is a company established in 1981 with a registered capital of over 20 million baht as an importer. and is a distributor of furniture accessories Imported from Europe For high-end furniture and general work under the main brand blum from Austria. that has been recognized for product quality Including cutting-edge design from around the world.

In addition to furniture accessories from the blum brand, BlueInternational has also selected quality furniture components from around the world for customers to choose from, such as edge coverings from the Doellken brand from Germany, kitchen cabinet accessories from the VOLPATO brand from Italy, L&S brand LED interior lighting equipment and many more for the convenience of customers. Complete in one placeBlueInternational has many distribution channels, including:

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Blue International equipment What's interesting?

Blue Internation stands out in distributing equipment for high-end furniture and general furniture. by the brand's popular products It is often a device that increases convenience for the user. Promote a simple but elegant image For a better life to the next level

Examples of interesting furniture accessories from the brand

  • Door lifting equipment

Door lifting equipment for floating cabinets Can lift the door easily and lightly. Can stop and hold at the desired position with the BLUMOTION soft close system that can close the door smoothly and naturally or if you want a door without handles. It can also install an automatic opening-closing system using an additional SERVO-DRIVE electrical system. It can be said to be a new front door solution that is very interesting.

  • Sliding door equipment

Sliding door equipment that is designed for doors of all sizes. No matter how big or small The device stands out from other sliding doors in that it has a simple, elegant design that is even at the edges and doesn't get in the way. There is also a soft close system that makes every opening and closing smooth and quiet. No need to be afraid of bumps. 

  • Automatic on-off device (SERVO-DRIVE)

Open and close the door easily. and more convenient With an on-off device automatic electrical system

By turning the device on-off Front door with electrical system “SERVO-DRIVE” supports the following devices.

  1. Lifting door equipment, models AVENTOS HF, AVENTOS HL, AVENTOS HS and AVENTOS HK
  2. Undermount drawer runners, MOVENTO and TANDEM models
  3. Drawer runners with side panels, LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX models.
  • components for furniture

Components for industrial furniture There are many products that the brand distributes, such as adjustable cabinet legs, aluminum sheets to cover cabinet legs, cabinet accessories, aluminum trays to catch dripping water under the sink, and countless others.

In addition to the examples given above. There are still many furniture accessories to choose from, such as ready-made drawer boxes, drawer runners, hinges, handles, templates and installation equipment, etc.

And in order to expand the company's marketing channels, TecTony has become a part of the company's marketing team, creating images, artwork, and content. To tell about the efficiency Quality of every piece of furniture equipment Including the work of the company By transferring according to experience and work in distributing furniture equipment. from partners across the country and abroad in order to reach the company's target group with full efficiency

There's something good that must be told. If you think of equipment for high-end furniture and general furniture, simple, elegant, modern style, emphasizing minimalism. Don't miss out on Blue International's products.

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