Gold Planet

Gold Planet

Gold Planet is an organization founded and managed by Thai people. The company was founded into its 20th year with the objective of promoting and support agriculture so that it is not taken advantage of by the misuse of agrochemicals.

Company guidelines Gold Planet Company Limited will focus on sales in the form of providing in-depth knowledge to farmers. Rather than focusing on selling on price The company's future plan is to establish a research and product development team based on questions received from farmers. Including reducing the use of chemicals or the use of chemicals along with biological substances. So that farmers who grow various crops, as well as consumers, receive the least amount of harm from chemicals. 

At present, Gold Planet Company Limited has studied information through academic information published in various international journals in order to update information on dietary supplements. and new groups of hormones that have just been discovered and has been applied to tropical plants to find the appropriate amount for the economic crops of Thailand. In the future, Gold Planet Company Limited has guidelines for organizing educational convoys together with universities. By using questions from farmers as the main problem for research. To pass on benefits and good knowledge back to society.

Highlights of the company Gold Planet that is different from others in the market

  • Care about the environment

    Gold Planet Company Limited, Cowboy Horse Brand, focuses on creating agricultural products that are environmentally friendly. and is not dangerous to users Including the use of alternative energy during the production process.


    20 years of experience

    Gold Planet Company Limited, Cowboy Horse Brand, learn new knowledge from international journals. To be applied to tropical plants in Thailand. To truly solve the production process problems of Thai farmers


    Quality guaranteed

    Collaborating with suppliers whose production processes meet ISO 9001 standards, including suppliers that import products from abroad. To bring quality products into the hands of Thai farmers.



    There is a team of online and offline systems to answer questions for farmers. Including giving advice from direct problems of farmers in the planting plots. By using knowledge that has actually been gained from real learning of farmers.


    Service to the heart

    Products of Gold Planet Company Limited are available for sale and ready to be delivered to customers. The customer must receive quality products that are not damaged. and guarantee the product for a reasonable period of time


    Focus on sustainable production

    Definitely standard quality Farmers believe is the company's commitment The farmers who are the company's customers must have produce from their farms that is of quality according to export standards. And can actually solve problems in the planting plots from real products, or simply put, there is quality certification. The results are clearly seen. Don't be afraid of being disappointed.


    By the company's products Gold Planet Co., Ltd. has a wide variety for farmers to choose from, including insect prevention and eradication agents, fungicide prevention and eradication agents, weed control agents, both root and foliar nutritional supplements, as well as other products that will help. cultivate and agriculture It goes smoothly. and get the output according to the desired target Clear all the annoying problems of farmers with guaranteed results.


    In terms of marketing the company, TecTony Became a part of the marketing team That helps promote access to more customer groups, farmers, gardeners, farmers through marketing on Facebook, Facebook Marketing and websites, making artwork. Including creating various distribution channels on online platforms. This is in order to forward good quality products. There is no exploitation. to all Thai farmers thoroughly


    If you think of agricultural products with highly experienced consultants Ready to go to work

    Don't forget to give the company Gold Planet Co., Ltd. Cowboy Horse Brand is your answer.

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