Elements of a good website 2024 Good website What elements should there be?

Elements of a good website 2024 Nowadays, a website is like an important tool in doing business online in the new era 2024. In addition to beauty that must be taken into account, There are still elements to making a good website that every website owner should know. Because this knowledge can be used to develop and improve the website even further in the future. Including being able to check that Our website is It is considered a good website. Is it effective enough for actual use?

Because having your own website In addition to having to focus on reliability and further expansion to create additional income The website should have good website elements. For ease of access as well


What are the elements of a good website? What does it have? Follow along to find the answer in this article.

5 elements of a good website 2024 Good website What qualifications should it have?

  1. Accessibility Ability to access information One of the elements of a good website is being able to present complete information to website visitors. There is no problem with displaying website pages. Visitors must have easy access to that information. There are things to consider to support access to information on the website as follows:
  • Screen size Because a good website must be able to be displayed on every page and size of the screen. Including various types of equipment. In order to meet the needs of visitors as much as possible.
  • Web Browser, or simply called, is a program used to view various websites. Currently, there are many to choose from, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. The website must be able to display correctly on every browser. completely
  • When tagging images, you should always give a name to the image accompanying the website (Alternative Text) because if you don't name the image, the Search Engine won't know what the image is. Makes it impossible to store information
  • Font: Fonts should use standard fonts or letters such as Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Tahoma, etc., so that website visitors will have as few errors as possible.
  1. Speed The speed of displaying information on the website. To open each page of the website A good website should not have elements that take visitors too long to load. Because one of the nature of website visitors is that viewers do not have much patience to search for information on the Internet. Therefore, if accessing the website causes them to waste too much time That viewer may leave the website immediately. You may be able to increase the speed of your website. Can be obtained by the following methods.
  • Choose an image that is not large in size.
  • Set the video to not play automatically.
  • Use a Web Hosting service that is fast enough.
  • Check the display of Flash animations

    This is to make your website processing as efficient as possible. It doesn't take too long to load.
  1. Attractiveness Your website must be attractive and eye-catching. Interesting and attractive website Must be able to make website visitors Stop staying at your website the first time you visit. The methods according to AIDA principles must be taken into account as follows:
  • “Attention” A website must make the viewer pause in order to read the information.
  • “Interest” The website must be descriptive in order to generate interest in the product or service.
  • “Desire” The website must create a feeling of wanting to buy or use the service.
  • “Action” The website must close the sale or make the decision to buy.

    Therefore, in the process of creating a website, you should have imagination. When a website visitor has reached a certain point in reading the content, Where do you want him to go next? Then place the Read More link next to the content, such as a travel website. A tour booking button will be placed next to the picture showing the details of the tour program so that those interested can click on the booking button immediately. You don't have to waste a lot of time looking for it.
  1. Simplicity Ease of use A good website should reflect “Ease of organizing information” makes it easy for website visitors to access the information they need. But if the website arranges information in an unorganized or categorical manner, It will increase the search time of website visitors. Until it may result in them leaving your website altogether. A good website should clearly display “menus” and “buttons” for clicking on different parts of the website. and avoid designing complex website structures Including the information being grouped for easy understanding. There is a form that is easy to use. There are links to various parts of the website. It can be said that it must be as convenient as possible. 
  1. Credibility The trustworthiness of the website. With communication technology advancing rapidly Making creating a business identity online has become a common thing that anyone can do, starting from using Social Network to present various products and services to opening an online store website. Sell products conscientiously It's easy and fast to do.

Even so, although online channels make shopping for products easy and convenient, there are still many website viewers who are afraid to buy products online. Because I haven't seen the actual product yet. Therefore causing doubt, insecurity and suspicion. Building credibility for the website. Therefore, it is an important matter that should not be overlooked.

This can be done by posting clear contact information, designing a website that looks trustworthy, with complete information and details. The more certification marks from various institutions and customer reviews included, the better.

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