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What is SalesPage? How important is it to create a business website in 2024?

What is SalesPage? How important is it to create a business website in 2024?

Doing business online The most important thing is to build trust in the eyes of customers. In an era where selling things online is easy. Just sign up for a free online platform and you can open your own storefront. along with being able to contact and trade with customers without the two parties needing to meet each other As a result, there are many criminals using this channel to open stores to deceive online shoppers. Create vigilance in a wide circle.

For example, when talking until the customer agrees to transfer money, they close the page, close the storefront and just run away, causing online shoppers who have had a bad experience at this point to feel nervous. Don't dare to buy products from online stores that don't seem trustworthy anymore. It creates a lot of difficulties for merchants and people who do business correctly and honestly.

Therefore, creating a website has become a popular choice for many businesses. Because it is creating an identity in the online world that can be tangible. It also helps build credibility. But creating a website involves a very high investment. And it must go through activation on many pages to lead customers to closing the sale. This may cause customers to abandon your store before they make a purchase. But if you create a sales page like a Sales page, it will help strengthen your store's credibility even more. and can open sales quickly as well

Meaning and importance of Sales Page

To put it simply, a Sales Page is a page on a website specifically designed to increase sales. It must include every element necessary for sales, such as product images, prices, promotions, how to order, shopping cart, warranty, payment, etc., all on one page. However, sales pages are not available on every website, but only on Websites that support trading and payment systems directly through the website only.

In general, we can divide sales pages into two types: Short-form Sales Pages and Long-form Sales Pages. However, both types of sales pages are designed in a way that similar By presenting products that your visitors must get to know. and decide whether they want to click on a call to action (CTA), but there are differences in some areas. Let's see together. What are the different characteristics of the two types of self pages?

1.Short-form Sales Pages

Short sales pages are sales pages that are not dense with content or text. Sometimes many people misunderstand. Think of short sales pages as long sales pages because sometimes short sales pages require users to click and scroll down the page to see the content in a long way. But the short form here refers to the length of the message. It's not the length of the page. Therefore, the length of a page can be any length. But if there are not a lot of content and messages It will be considered a short sales page.

In general, the cheaper the product offered for sale, the higher the price. There is no need to use many words or phrases. That's why short sales pages are commonly used for sales of less expensive products, such as books. Therefore, short sales pages are more suitable for e-commerce websites that mostly sell low-value products. which when the value of goods and services is not high Sellers therefore don't need to use a lot of messages or information to convince people to buy. This is unlike high-priced or technical products that require rich text or descriptions to be effective in persuading visitors at the highest level.

2.Long-form Sales Pages

Some people call a long sales page a minisite or a mini website, which is not wrong. Because the nature of a long sales page is that it contains a lot of information about your product or service that customers need to create awareness about your product. you before making a purchase decision until sometimes it looks like a small website page for that product or service.

Long sales page It conveys all the information about the offer so that visitors can make an informed decision. All information of the product or service in its entirety Although long sales pages serve the same purpose as short sales pages, is to persuade people to buy However, the difference is that they contain more text. Here are some situations in which long sales pages can perform better than short sales pages.

  • When website visitors hardly know the business before With a long sales page, it helps build trust. By creating a detailed message explaining why website visitors should learn from you. How do you help them achieve their goals? 
  • When products and services have additional, complex offerings When you organize a big launch campaign It's not uncommon to add bonuses or special offers to make the offer even more attractive. 
  • When goods and services are expensive or technical It is natural for people to make purchasing decisions more difficult when products or services are expensive or technically complex. Therefore, having in-depth information that completes the process for website visitors to get to know and understand thoroughly before making a purchasing decision requires the use of a long sales page with a lot of text.

Benefits of creating a Sales Page

Tell people who click to see what we do.

It is very important. To tell people who click to see what our website or page does, what we sell, what we give to people who are searching for information on Google and then click to find our website. On that page we must clearly state. Otherwise, he will click to postpone and watch something else. Because everyone can click out of the website easily.

Increase product reliability

Have you ever been there? When I want to buy something, when I click to search on Google, I see results and a website that comes up. When I click to look, I see a website with a dark background. It looks like an old website, probably made many years ago. Even though there are many products for sale But you don't feel confident about ordering?

Which is that we have a website that is a clear front of our store. Tell us what we do, what brand we do, or even tell us where we live or where the store is. Where we open the store or have an office. Including other contact channels to build confidence among customers. And if the website is designed to look good? It increases more credibility. There are also many opportunities to sell products and market.

Therefore, the sales page design part is considered very important. Because these days, big web pages are still very overlooked. But we've found that smaller and more recent webpages take this more seriously.

It's the page for closing sales.

The name of the Sales Page already says that it is a sales page, so if your business has any products that are "outstanding" or "a selling point" then you must present them on this page. On many websites, there are many types of products. That's okay. Because we can make a product sales page, put various products on display, and tell prices. But for the Sales Page, we recommend that we mainly present our outstanding products. To stimulate ordering more easily

Helps push SEO rankings

This is another very important point. Because making a Sales Page can also help push up SEO rankings on Google Search, whether searching with keywords. or whatever search term We can add content or topics related to various keyword searches to help increase organic search searches.

Simply put, the main goal of making a Sales Page is to be the face of our online store for sales. Present products and services And the overall picture that we want to present to people who click to see it and be so impressed that they want to click to see other pages on our web page.

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