Sang Roong Group

Sang Roong Group

Sang Roong Group is a leading company founded in 1965 by the company. Operate a business that produces quality plastic packaging. To support the continuously increasing market demand of various industrial sectors and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the company has an efficient production factory located on an area of 120 rai in Chonburi Province. Which currently has a production capacity of more than 12,000 tons / year. It can be said to be one of the top companies in the field of plastic packaging production.

Not only the production capacity, but Sang Rung Group Company Limited has selected quality raw materials in every work piece. Including executives who are full of experience. and expertise in the field of plastics along with personnel who have expertise in various plastic fields, making the company Trusted by many business customer groups

Saengrung Group, a company that never stops developing. for maximum customer satisfaction

In order to satisfy customers from many business circles, Sang Rung Group Company Limited has a policy of researching and developing products. including a continuous service system The management system has also been certified. Quality management system ISO 9001:2015. The company also places importance on the selection of raw materials and production processes. To be able to safely package food (Food Grade) and satisfy customers in the GMP (GMP), HACCP (HACCP), BRC (BRC) groups. 


The company's products It has also received safety certification according to the standards of the United Nations, or the United Nation -UN, making it possible to safely package chemicals. To export products to all corners of the world.

Why must you choose Saeng Rung?

There are a variety of products.

  • Supports the needs of every business group
  • Various types of packaging such as bottles, gallons, jars
  • Can accommodate products of various sizes. Whether small or 200 liters


professional standards

  • There is a quality management system ISO 9001:2015.
  • Give importance to the selection of raw materials and production processes.
  • Certified safe according to UN and 295 standards.


Fully integrated throughout the production process

  • Has technical expertise in injection, blowing, spraying, and packaging.
  • Outstanding in terms of preparation system Use a high-resolution mold with a CNC system. 
  • Use a 3D Printing printer to create samples that look like real work and see clear images.
  • Create a unique identity for your business By making labels that are clear, beautiful, and fully efficient.


Superior transportation

  • Manage product storage using the FIFO system in a large warehouse area.
  • There is a transportation system that is efficient, convenient, fast and reaches customers safely.
  • There is a network to support delivery. both within the country and abroad


In addition to the above, Sang Rung Group Company Limited also focuses on comprehensive services. By adding products related to complete packaging, such as packing machines, stickers, paper boxes, stretch film for pallets, plastic pallets, etc., with a variety of formats to meet every use. Moving and storing 


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Sang Rung Group Company Limited, a leader in plastic packaging. and products for complete packaging

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