Sanyawit Sanyawiswa Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 by Mr. Sanya Srisuwan to operate construction contracting and maintenance work within the factory. The main customer is API Group. Later in 2015, Mr. Phawat Sirinpamanee came to take care of the business and expanded the air conditioning engineering department. By emphasizing design work and maintenance of the air treatment system


By accumulating experience for a long time, Sanyavisa Co., Ltd. has expertise in improving clean air. Clean room system for hospital Divided according to the nature of work as follows:


Consult : Provide consultation on design to meet the needs of users.


Design : Designed according to the standards of the Ministry of Public Health.


Supply : Choose equipment to suit the desired style.


Guaranteed from the work of more than 600 rooms from hospitals throughout the country. 


including private company customers industrial plant and place of residence The company's services are comprehensive from the process of receiving information from customers. Starting to explore the problem Analyze the cause of the problem Choose the correct and appropriate solution to the problem. Comprehensive, consistent equipment design with support for troubleshooting solutions Until the process of supervising the installation and testing of the system to meet installation standards.


The company is also a manufacturer of equipment that addresses air treatment needs for various types of pollutants. The company has been trusted by a group of world-class manufacturers. To be a distributor of products in Thailand with reasonable, fair, and competitive prices in the market.

business strengths

  • Free budget design and estimate
  • The design and cost estimation time does not exceed 2 days.
  • Provide consultation to get quality that meets your needs and save budget.
  • All products and spare parts are produced domestically. All equipment is stocked domestically.
  • All types of equipment have been used in hospital cleanrooms, in fact more than 600 rooms during Covid-19.


The company is strongly committed to improving the quality of cleanliness and sterility in various medical facilities, as well as stores, buildings, and homes because we believe that If in a good environment There is standard cleanliness control. It will help with the operational steps. It is possible to move more smoothly than in the past.

Sanyawit's services

clean room system


Installation of ready-made insulation panels and system work for cold rooms, freeze rooms, clean rooms, various production line rooms Focus on delivering quality work that meets international standards. along with considering safety and the working environment is the main


Sterile air


Clean room system improvement service, more than 10 years of experience, more than 600 rooms from hospitals across the country, such as dental rooms, emergency rooms, patient isolation rooms, operating rooms, patient dormitories, delivery rooms, etc.


surface safe


Safe surface installation service It's like a film coating the surface. The surface is diligent and self-cleaning. Works continuously to eliminate germs, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and eliminates odors and vapors. 1 year warranty.


Dust-free filter


Sell and install filters for cleanrooms, AHUs, HVACs in hospitals, operating rooms, in manufacturing plants such as pharmaceutical and food production. Can produce HEPA FILTER according to size, whether it be car air filters, home air purification filters, filters. Cleanroom industry, designing and improving cleanroom rooms in hospitals, including HCU air purifiers to control germs. The most popular air purifier today


By the air filter Produced with German standards More than 10 years of experience, which will help keep the air around you free of PM 2.5 dust, safe and worry-free, definitely better than any brand of filter on the market.


and to expand the company's marketing channels TecTony Therefore became part of the company's marketing team, creating images, artwork, including content and articles. Support Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google to tell about The quality of products and services, including the efficiency of the company's work It is based on experience and installation work in more than 600 rooms from hospitals across the country. in order to reach the company's target group with full efficiency

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