Seri Design

Seri Design

Seri Design, an expert in interior and exterior decoration work. Whether it's rubber tile work, carpet work, curtain work, wallpaper work. Including indoor and outdoor flooring, Seree Design can help design and install according to customer needs perfectly. With more than 20 years of team experience, we can design according to budget. Good service, never leave work Definitely complete all needs.

Because SeriDesign places importance on quality of work. and highest customer satisfaction The brand therefore selects premium grade materials for every piece. Curtains must be quality grade curtains, good fabric, beautiful patterns, not collecting dust. If it is wallpaper, it must have beautiful colors, clear patterns, not easily tarnished, and be designed and installed in the style the customer desires. and go down to evaluate the work site by yourself For maximum accuracy before installation

Other than that, SeriDesign is fast. Because the brand has a team that is ready to complete every step of the process. Quick installation, good work, clean work, keeping every detail without glitches. Installation is complete and ready to use immediately. With a 1 year guarantee on the work, I can tell you that choosing to decorate here will definitely not make you unhappy.

What products and services does Seri-Design offer?

  • rubber tiles

    Both are produced from natural rubber. and made from polymers It is classified as a type of flooring material that is highly flexible. With the special properties of natural rubber and polymer products, they increase viscosity, which prevents slippery problems when the floor is wet very well. Importantly, rubber tiles do not have water swelling like laminate flooring. Thus eliminating the problem of termites. Plus it's easy to install. and can play with various patterns and alternating colors as the customer desires


    Available in the form of woven carpets, compressed carpets, carpet tiles, and Carpet Inter. The texture is soft and comfortable, the colors are bright and beautiful, suitable for designing and decorating any place, using better quality materials than those in the general market.


    There are many styles to choose from according to the design that customers want. Whether it's pleated curtains, eyelet curtains, wavy curtains, folding curtains, roller blinds, blinds and many more, use quality grade curtains. Colorful, beautiful patterns and does not collect dust


    Colorful wallpaper with stunning patterns There are many to choose from according to the design that customers want. Use quality materials in every piece. Emphasize the beauty of colors Including sharp patterns It's as smooth as using that material to make a real wall, such as a wood-pattern wall, marble-pattern wall, etc. It's also quick to install. No need to wait for drying like painting walls.

    artificial grass

    Artificial grass in English is called artificial turf or synthetic turf. It is a material made from synthetic fibers. By making it look like natural grass. Artificial grass can be used and is durable, no watering or mowing required. and no need to add fertilizer Therefore, it is considered an option for people who like a natural atmosphere. But there is no time to take care of it.

    SeriDesign is a service provider for designing, installing, and distributing interior and exterior decoration equipment. Truly highly experienced Packed with a team of experts in selecting good things for customers, just choose the curtain allocation and installation service with Seree Design. I guarantee you will be impressed with every step of the work.

    And in order to expand the company's marketing channels, TecTony has become a part of the company's marketing team, creating images, artwork, including content, articles, and websites to tell the brand's performance. By transferring according to experience and work in distributing interior and exterior decoration equipment. from partners all over the country in order to reach the brand's target group with full efficiency

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