Chiraphon Sukthanom (Namtarn)

Tectony Company


Products/Services: Website creation and SEO, including marketing through Facebook.
( Content, Artwork, Ads )

Highlights: We have a team with a lot of experience. Worked with a world-class company like Apple Inc, which was under the direction of Steve Jobs, and has experience in providing marketing services to many types of businesses.

Tectony Company

A service provider for Facebook Marketing, website system development, and SEO with long experience in online marketing. Covers all businesses and industries Our services will range from website design and development. Continuing to take care of marketing in the online world and doing SEO so that your business will be in search results on Search Engines with quality.

Other than that Our company is also trusted by leading companies both domestically and abroad, including continuous development of strategic systems without stopping in order to keep up with all current trends. Ready to answer all the needs of our customers.

 “Why do you have to be like everyone else? When we can be different” tearing down all limitations Bringing truth to life Unlimited Possibilities


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